Melissa’s fitness journey began as many teenage girls usually do, with the primary goal to lose weight as well as feel good about how they looked – Full Stop! In the beginning, the many other benefits of exercise didn’t really matter. In her mid teens she tried a Cardio Kickboxing session and truly that is when she realized there was so much more to exercise than just feeling good about how you look. Cardio Kickboxing most importantly provided her with a major boost of self confidence which was the best reward for all the hard work.

Melissa became a ISSA certified Fitness and Kickboxing instructor in 2015. Her fitness journey was put on hold after having her son, but she is now back at BFiT 758 surrounded by motivation and on a mission to encourage and coach others to become their best self. Melissa’s Kickboxing sessions focus on technique and challenges endurance. Come Kick and Punch with Melissa!